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3 Easy Ways to Improve your Stainless Steel Welds

Feb 2016 04
13 01 Thu
Written by Mr. TIG (Wyatt Swaim)

Everyone wants those perfect looking Stainless welds. The kind of weld where you almost feel bad polishing it, because that gold coloring looks so good. The problem is many welders try to weld Stainless the same way they would regular carbon Steel ... and it isn't the same.

In this episode, we are going to try and help you achieve that nice looking appearance with a few simple tricks you can implement.

Step 1: Gas Coverage to the Backside - 3:19
Step 2: Eliminate Gas Turbulence on the Top Side - 8:00
Step 3: Get the Widest Pattern of Argon on your Part - 9:52

Those three steps will ensure you are on your way to getting great looking Stainless Steel welds.

*Another quick tip: If you implement these tips and are still getting "the uglies" try increasing your travel speed. Stainless doesn't dissipate heat as fast as carbon Steel, which leaves it susceptible to burning.

Best New TIG Welders of 2015

Feb 2016 02
13 01 Tue
Written by Mr. TIG (Wyatt Swaim)


New TIG welders are coming out all the time, from many different manufacturers. They range from $200 to $4000+ and most welders (just entering the TIG market) don't know why.

This video aims to not only compare a few different machines side by side, but tell you what features you really NEED and which ones are put on to make the machine look more impressive than it is.

Every machine in this video has it's pluses and minuses, so decide what you need your machine to do and choose appropriately.

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Welding VS Soldering Copper Pipe (and how to do both)

Jan 2016 15
13 01 Fri
Written by Mr. TIG (Wyatt Swaim)

Soldering Copper pipes can be done a few ways, but the two that we are going to go over in this video are sweat fitting and TIG brazing. Like any method, there are pros and cons to each, which we will go into depth in the video, but here is a quick outline of some reasons you might choose one over the other.

Sweat Soldering:
Sweat fitting is a quick way to join copper pipes and is the preferred method for most household use. In this method, a flux is applied then (using a blow torch) you heat the copper pipe and apply the solder. It is important to remember that, unlike the TIG process, you are not melting the filler with the flame. Instead, you are attempting to heat the copper pipe so it gets hot enough to melt the solder when they make contact.

TIG Brazing:
Brazing is performed very much like the TIG welding process. One of the major downsides to this method is the time involved, as well as the cost. If you do not have a welding machine already, this method is going to be extremely costly. The upsides to TIG brazing are that you will achieve a much higher tensile strength that will allow for much higher pressure.
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Tips for Micro Welding with .020 Tungsten

Feb 2016 02
13 01 Tue
Written by Mr. TIG (Wyatt Swaim)

You may think that welding something at 5 amps is the same as welding something at 105 amps, but when you are doing precision work at very low amps there are some important tricks you should know.

In this video we will show you some of the tips and tricks we use when welding at very low amps with a .020 Tungsten to make sure you get the best possible welds.
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The Top 5 Mistakes in TIG Welding Aluminum and How to Fix Them

Jan 2016 01
11 01 Fri
Written by Mr. TIG (Wyatt Swaim)

Aluminum can be very difficult to weld and there is a lot that can go wrong. This is the second video in our series on troubleshooting your welds and fixing those welding mistakes that we all make.

In this video we looked through our archives of questions and problems and found the top 5 most made mistakes when welding Aluminum ... And we're going to show you how you can EASILY fix them and get on with making some nice, strong Aluminum welds.