Mr. TIG Series Power Plasma 50 Review


Have you ever bought a machine, got it home and set it up; only to find you don't have all the parts and pieces needed to get started? The Mr. TIG Series line of machines make sure that this problem won't happen. In this episode we review the first plasma cutter in the Mr. TIG Series line, the PowerPlasma 50

Plasma Cutting Technique:
When using a plasma cutter, certain things are important to do to ensure you get the best performance out of your machine, as well as your consumables. One of the most important parts is setting your machine correctly. It is easy to max out your machine for everything you cut, but this will blow through your consumables very quickly. This video will give you some guidelines for setting your plasma machine for different metals and thicknesses.

Choosing a Plasma Cutter:
It can be difficult to choose the correct plasma cutter for your needs. Yoou always need to ask yourself a few questions before purchasing a plasma cutter. (1) What is the maximum thickness of metal that I plan on cutting? (2) What type of metal will I be cutting? (3) Do I want a dedicated plasma cutter or a Plasma / TIG multi-process machine (Learn more about Multi-Process Plasma Cutters here)? Once you answer these questions you will be able to narrow your search and have a better understanding of exactly what type of plasma cutter you need.


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