TIG Welding Aluminum Fillet Welds

What you will see in this episode:
Mr. TIG is back in Wichita, KS at the Belite Aircraft facility. Last time he was TIG welding the chrome moly landing gear for an ultra-light aircraft; this time he is welding up some Aluminum fillet welds.

The Setup:
When TIG welding Aluminum, it is always important to check to make sure your machine is set a few ways. First, make sure you are set to weld on AC. You also want to set you cleaning/ penetration to the appropriate level (to see a video on cleaning vs. penetration check out Aluminum Part 2). Finally, before you start welding, make sure that you have a ball on the end of your tungsten. For full instructions on how to set your machine for welding aluminum, check out TIG Time Episode 16: How to Set Up a Transformer Machine for TIG Welding.