#weldersofIG: @rollingbombfab

@rollingbombfab is known throughout the welding community for his insane ability to capture an arc shot and put down incredibly consistent beads. During this week's showcase, we had multiple people reach out 


to us and comment on how they were helped in one way or another by Brian through his IG work. We had more reach out and say that, not only was he a great welder but one of the coolest guys they knew. So we asked Brian a little about life as a welder Anytime someone gets as much praise as @rollingbombfab does, we need to listen to what they're advice to becoming a first class welder.

Weld.com: When did you know you wanted to be a welder?
@rollingbombfab: I never really put much thought into becoming a welder until a representative from a welding school came to our high school. It sounded good since the little experience I had with welding I enjoyed. 

Weld.com: Do you have any formal training in welding or fabrication?
@rolingbombfab: I went to one of the big name welding schools. 

Weld.com: What type of work do you do in your day to day activities?
@rollingbombfab: I'm mostly an aluminum MIG and TIG guy. Some stainless MIG and TIG and steel hard wire. 

Weld.com: What's the best and worst part about your job?
@rollingbombfab: The best part of my job is being in the town I grew up in close to home working in a small shop environment with a bunch of guys you get to know like family. Sleeping in my own bed every night is a great thing to me. The worst part is you're not gonna get rich working in a job shop, but you can be comfortable so it's hard for me to really say that's a downside. 

Weld.com: What advice do you have for high school students or anyone looking to enter into a welding career?
@rollingbombfab: Best advice would be to get in however you can. Some guys have connections to get straight on the job experience and that's awesome; if you have that use it.  There's also nothing wrong with going to a school either. 

To see Brian's work, be sure to follow him on Instagram, @rollingbombfab.