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Repairing Drum Cymbals with Different Welding Processes

Drum Cymbal Repair - Part 1: In this episode we attempt to repair a cracked drum cymbal with the use of a silver solder.

Drum Cymbal Repair - Part 2: In part two, we repair another cracked drum cymbal, but this time try using a soft solder.

Drum Cymbal Repair - Part 3: In part 3 we are using a silicon bronze to rapiar a cracked cymbal.

Drum Cymbal Repair - Part 4: In part 4 we disovered a product called Muggy Weld SSF-6, thanks to our YouTube commenters. Here's how it performed.

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Cast Aluminum Head Repair: 1954 Nash Healey

We have started a three part series on how to make a weld repair on Cast Aluminum. We were sent a 1954 Nash Healey Head that was made of cast Aluminum and had a large crack in it. Cast Aluminum welding is always difficult. You really never know what to expect, because the material is so dirty and unpredictable. In this series we will be showing you all kinds of different tips and tricks to make sure you get the best possible results. In this episode we are going to:
→ Inspect the part to decide the best way to weld it.
→ Show the multi step process for prepping and grinding the part
→ Dialing in your welder on sample material
→ Tacking the Cast Aluminum


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Aluminum Bike Frame Repair: 6000 Series Aluminum Welding

We received a project to repair off an Aluminum competition mountain bike. There were significant cracks in the swing arm that needed to be diagnosed and welded. Since this is an old bike frame (about 12 years old), there was no available information about the parent material. We decided that it was likely a 6000 series Aluminum and would be best repaired with a 5356 Aluminum filler.

Before welding, we first needed to remove all the paint / primer and groove out the cracks.

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