Everlast SM200N Spool Gun with 20 ft. cable

  • 200 Amps @ 35% Duty Cycle
  • .030"-.045" wire diameter
  • Roll diameter max: 4"
  • Binzel/Trafimet 24 series consumables
  • Recommended for use with Power i-MIG 140E, 200, 205, 205P, 210, 250, 250P
  • Not for use with PowerMTS models or Power i-MIG 230i, Power i-MIG 275S, Power i-MIG 275P
  • Good for hobby, general repair and fabrication, farm, ranch and light production work
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Features & Benefits: 

Standard ergonomic design for operator comfort with long service life components.  Economical choice for welding stainless steel and aluminum. Speed control is controlled on the panel, not on the gun.

Machine Compatablity:

  • Power i-MIG series with Euro Quick connect.  
  • Power i-MIG 140E
  • Power i-MIG 200
  • Power i-MIG 205 
  • Power i-MIG 210
  • Power i-MIG 205P
  • Power i-MIG 250
  • Power i-MIG 250P.

Not for PowerMTS units or Power i-MIG 230i, 275S, 275P

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