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What's the difference between me being a Subscriber vs. Member

Subscriber: Receive Monthly Newsletter and Marketing Emails

Member: Full benefits including access to Forums, Groups, Contests, etc. 

There will be an opportunity to upgrade for future exclusive content.

Where do I find the files to download free resources mentioned in videos and blog?

Once you become a Member, you'll be able to access the Forum on our site.    

The Forum called "Download Free Resources" contains those free files.

Where are the previous hosts? is a global hub for the welding industry, as such, we feature different industry professionals as hosts, guest and co-hosts.  Many will be on a regular basis and some will be less frequently.  Much of this also depends on the individual's personal and business schedule.  
If you need to reach any of our hosts, feel free to send us a chat message or use the contact form and we will pass along the message.