NOVA 22k Ω Premium Foot Pedal

  • Fits Everlast TIG Machines 
  • Money back guarantee
  • Best in market 2 Million cycle potentiometer
  • Improved Strain relief on cable
  • Lowest profile, compact size.
  • Offers most precise control of amps
  • Fitted with 7 pin connector for TIG
  • 25 ft. length
  • Anti-slip grip
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MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If you are not completely satisfied with this pedal after using it for 60 days, we will take it back. NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

The new Nova pedal is designed to fit Everlast units with 22K Ω and 25K Ω pedals.  High quality rack and pinion design combined with patented technology delivers ones of the best operating pedals on the market.  The new, Japanese made, 2 million cycle potentiometer in the pedal improves on SSC rating of 1 million.

Excellent choice for replacement or upgrading on applicable units.

This pedal will fit all new digitally controlled Everlast TIG/Stick Pedal capable units, as well older units that required a 22K potentiometer.   Not designed to replace or fit units with amp control knob on pedal, or units that do not limit maximum amps on panel while foot pedal is in use.

Not for MTS use.

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