by Bob Moffatt

We're doing 7018, 3/32nd 7018 on small two inch, schedule 80.

In this one here, we're going to do 6G and this going to go straight to the two bead cap. This has a TIG root in it.

I wish it was just a little bit fuller, but I think we're just going to slow down a little bit, we're only running about 70 amp. I'm going to put a two bead cap in it.

So I want to start down here at the bottom, point my rod into the bevel face, watch my lower edge and watch how high I am. I'm going to have to clean that out and cut it with a thin bladed grinder, buff it, we'll put the second pass in. Let's get to it. So that concludes 6G, I mean it was quick. I didn't have to put a fill-pass in, I did a two bead cap, I ran on the bottom first and got it in there where it was rotted up above the pipe. I did have to wait around a little bit down here for this to clear out, so I'm a little higher than I like to be. I could reshape that and bring it down, I could also practice my sparks down here too. That's what I need to do, practice, practice, practice, practice. This side over here I'm confident with. It's tied into the top of the pipe nicely, not have any undercut. Again, the more you do it, the better you get. The better you get, the better you feel. All that good stuff.

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