by Jason Becker

Today we received a video request on how to do restarts on 7018 in all positions. The viewer submitted his request via the new website. This is a way to help us ensure that we are putting out relevant content to our audience.

Whenever I have to perform a tie-in with any stick electrode, I make sure that i stop before running out of rod. I always say I stop on my own terms not the rods. This is because if you slow down to stop, you will fill in any crater that would develop. This would be fine if I were completely terminating the weld, but if I want to perform a tie-in, I want the crater so that I have a low spot to perform my tie-in. Once my stop is planned out,. I quickly whip the electrode right out of the puddle, this will leave a good size crater to fill in on the restart. If I were to fill in the crater, I would then have to dish out an area to accept the restart so that I don't have a high spot or cold lap. Once I have the crater, I start the next electrode about 3/8" ahead of the it and ignite the rod. I will then move the rod to about the center of the crater and watch the edge of my puddle tie-in to the edge of where the previous weld stopped. I will repeat this same process for any position regardless of material type or joint fit-up.

As with anything, this technique will require a lot of practice. I recommend getting a piece of plate and practice your tie-ins over and over until it becomes second nature. Run 2-3 inches, make a stop and perform a tie-in. Do this throughout the length of the material. In a short time, you wont even be able to tell where the tie-ins occurred.

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