by Jason Becker

Over the past few months we have received a ton of questions regarding some of tools we use frequently on the channel. We compiled a list of the top 9 tools we get asked about the most.

We try to mention the item and where we got them but not everyone watches every episode (it would be a lot cooler if they did). Before we get into it, I'd like to let you know that we were not paid by any of these companies to make this video. We just know what works and what we like to use. So here we go the top 9 tools we get asked about all the time.

#1 The Markal Pro: This is by far the most asked about item on the channel. I bought this one during a Black Friday Sale in 2018 after one of my students brought one to class. This is my go to marking device for most tasks. It works like a mechanical pencil, has a built in sharpener, and writes on virtually everything. The best part is the narrow neck of the pencil which allows me to mark out through-holes with ease. You can get these on the Markal website, or on Amazon. I recommend getting a refill pack while you're there as it only comes with 1 piece of lead initially.

#2 Thin soapstone holder: When I have to make very thin, precise lines, I like to use this thin soapstone and holder, unlike regular soapstone which is about 1/4" thick and constantly has to be resharpened to get a thin line. The thin soapstone is about 1/32" thick and doesn't have to be sharpened at all, you can also use the thin flat red writers and silverstreaks from Markal as a refill.

#3 The Pferd wire brush: This brush has a V taper to it which makes it great to get into fillets and grooves compared to a traditional flat style brush. It's such a crazy concept and I'm surprised other manufacturers haven't adopted this model. You can pick up these brushes on Amazon, or by stopping in to your local weld supply store.

#4 The Outlaw Leather Welding Hood: These hoods are by far my favorite type of welding hood. They're light weight and the look awesome. Outlaw Leather can be found on instagram under the handle @outlawleatherusa. This particular hood that I wear with the American Flag on the front was a gift from one of my previous classes I taught while working at the College. Don't get me wrong, I still like digital hoods but for long time use, the weight becomes an issue. I still have the luxury of auto dark feature by using the next cool tool on the list.

#5 The ArcOne drop-in Single: Its a High Definition lens. My particular lens is a shade 10 and has no adjustments. Most of the welding I do, I can get away with a shade 10 and still be safe, however you can get one of these lenses in whatever shade you need. I bought both of mine on Amazon.

#6 Constant Fit Rubber Headgear: I prefer this type of headgear over the ratcheting kind. Once you get the band adjusted, I put a couple wraps of electrical tape around it to keep it in place. With ratcheting styles, you always get a different fit because you may tighten it too much, or not enough. With the rubber strap style, it's the same fit every time. It's just a very simple design and lighter weight as well. If you decide to go with this setup, get an extra band, or even some surgical tubing as a backup incase the band wears out.

#7 Blue Collar Caps Welding Cap: If you weld for a profession, you know you need a good welding cap. It keeps the sparks and the arc off the top of your head which prevents that nasty burning hair smell. My favorite caps were made by Janie with @bluecollarcaps on Instagram. These were 100% custom made for me. I simply told her the pattern I wanted and sent her my sizes and type of fit that I wanted and she did the rest. 2 of the caps i have from her are made from an old pair of Utilities that I wore while I was in the Marine Corps so these 2 caps are personal to me as well as custom. I highly recommend her caps because of the fit and the quality.

#8 XIRIS Welding Camera: I have no idea how to operate this beast but thats why we have a Camera Guy, he's awesome at getting all of the close up arc shots with this camera. We have used the black and white XIRIS camera for a while now and just recently got the colored version. The arc shots are ridiculously clear. This camera picks up things that you cant even see under the hood. If you need to get High Definition, High Quality Shots of welding, I highly recommend getting one of these.

#9 The Solutions Torch: We have been using this a lot in the shop for just about every video where TIG is involved. I really like this concept. You can stack the flex necks for the hard to reach places as well as put a different type and style of head on the torch so that limited access with a standard touch is a thing of the past. If you have limited access weldpoints this torch kit has the solution. The whole kit cost around what you would pay for 2 torches, but with everything in the kit, you have over 50 different combinations available to choose from. In addition, its high quality and highly durable. I haven't had an issue with this kit yet.

Well everyone, there it is, the 9 tools we get asked most about in the videos. Check out the links in the video description if you are looking to pick any of these tools up and check out the companies on instagram. As always, thanks for stopping by and Until next time, Make Every Weld Better Than Your Last!

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