by Jason Becker

When I first got into ironworking, I started in the fab shop making columns, baseplates, beams etc. One of the challenges I faced was that when working with smaller beams, I didn't have a square small enough to fit inside the beam.

I tried everything, the only square i could get in the flange to layout bolt holes or clips was a 6 inch combination square. The problem with that was that it just wouldn't lay flat. One of the guys in the shop saw me struggling one day and he showed me a simple trick to get me on track. He had a small 5 inch speed square that had a radius on the end. This allowed the square to not only fit inside the beam, but also sat flat due to the rounded corners. It was a perfect fit. We went over to the saw and cut down one of my speed squares, cleaned it up and rounded the corners. Now, I use it all the time to fit into smaller spaces due to its size. The majority of the time, your standard 7 inch speed square is too big to fit into smaller areas.

In this episode, we show you how to make this exact square that I have been carrying around in my gangbox for the past 15 years. It is definitely one of my favorite tools. We hope to continue to show you all different tips to make your life at work much easier and more efficient. Until next time, Make Every Weld Better Than Your Last!