by Jason Becker

Back when I did Ironwork, we did a lot of work at Disney. Many times we had to do work in the park on finished products that were already in show. It was often difficult to get a ground clamp on items for many reasons, either the ground clamp wouldn't fit on or around the object, or it could possibly scratch the finished surface.

Many of the items we would work on were polished stainless and we were instructed not to scratch the surface. My buddy Don Watson showed me how to braid a piece of copper cable so that i could ground to the braided cable instead of the material we were working on. The braided cable was soft so it wouldn't scratch the surface, flexible so we could wrap it around an item, and made of copper, so it was a great conductor of electricity. This little tool came in handy many times in our line of work. I figured that our viewers may find it useful so we decided to make an episode on how simple it is to build, and how effective it can be in the field. I highly recommend building one yourself, you only need a small section of welding cable and a couple eyelets.

I hope you find this little tool useful, thanks for stopping by to read the article. Until next time Make Every Weld Better Than Your Last!