by Jason Becker

We have wanted to do more fabrication videos for the channel and decided a grill would be a cool build. We started planning out the design and logistics back in June. During the planning phase, the Camera Guy recommended another YouTube channel for me to watch.

It was called Sam the Cooking Guy and featured a man by the name of Sam Zien who cooked a variety of tasty foods in his outdoor kitchen. The foods were simple to make and didn't require any complex or out of the ordinary ingredients.

One day after watching a few of his episodes Sam hit 1 Million Subscribers, I asked the Camera Guy, "how cool would it be to build the grill for Sam and deliver it to him"? We got to planning and thought it would be an awesome opportunity to do some collaborations with other YouTubers.

We decided we needed to put a gold play button on top of the grill to commemorate him hitting the 1 Million Subscriber mark. We both decided that Abom79 was the man for the job. We reached out to him and he jumped at the opportunity. We then reached out to Jason with Fireball Tools and asked if we could feature some of his fabrication squares and other tools on our channel during the build. I don't know if you have seen his products but they are amazing and make fabrication so much easier. He sent us a few of his best items, to include the mega square, magic square, shim kit, and some half clamps to use with out tab and slot tables.

We started the build in early October and took 2 weeks to build and film, usually filming a project takes twice as long than it would take to do without filming. We finished just in time for our departure and loaded the trailer up and headed to Pensacola, Fl. to meet up with Abom79 to pick up the play button. Be sure to checkout the play button build on Abom79's YouTube Channel. He did a great job.

After our visit, we headed straight for San Diego to drop off the grill to Sam. It was a 3 day drive to get there but it was worth it. Sam made us a great breakfast at his outdoor kitchen. It was really cool to be on set and hang out with him. He is just as nice off camera as he is on camera. We then shot video with