Updated: Apr 6

grinder vs no grinder
grinder vs no grinder

"Grinder and paint makes you the welder you ain't"

"Real Welder's don't need a grinder"

We've heard them all. But the fact is, the welders welding to the strictest codes always have their grinder close by.

Today we're going to have a little fun. We're running two test plates.

  • Both will be 3/8" Carbon Steel

  • Both will be 6010 open root, 7018 fill and cap.

  • Both will be beveled at 35 degrees.

  • Both will have a restart in the root.

  • And both will bent at the end

Mill Scale Removal

Any time you're welding carbon steel the first step should always be mill scale removal. We've talked about it hundreds of times throughout our videos. If you don't build from a solid foundation, you're setting yourself up for failure, literally.

Test Plate #1:

Let's call test plate #1 our control. On this plate we are going to show you how we normally prep our plates. We start with a 1/4" grinding wheel to remove the mill scale. You don't have to. go. crazy with it, but It's good practice to remove it at least one inch around the weld area. Make sure you take your time to get down to clean base metal.