by Jason Becker

In this episode we answer two video requests, the first was how to build a welding stand, the second was what to expect at the local steel suppliers. This is based off of a fixture I built when I first got into teaching.

The school I started at didn't have anything setup to where students could weld out of position. I proceed out some fixture stands but the prices for 10 of them were way out of the schools budget. I needed at least one stand per booth. So as a welder and now as an educator, I thought to myself, why not have the students build them? I can make this into a lesson plan and teach them how to design a project, do a material take-off, order materials and consumables, fit, fabricate and weld different shapes. This would be a great lesson and have real world applications. So I did just that.

The stand in the video is a replica of the stands that my students built for that project. I used this same lesson plan at the second school I taught at and once again made it into a lesson plan. The design is great because it is so versatile. It's simple to make and accommodates left handed and right handed students of all heights. Additionally, you can use it for pip and plate in every position as well as some new ones. The best part is, each adjustment utilizes a T-handle so there is no need for special tools that get lost or broken. Its also light weight but very sturdy.

If you are looking to make a stand for the house, shop or even your school, try making one of these. They work we made this stand using parts and pieces that we found in the scrap bins and off cuts section at our local steel supplier, and a few bolts from the home improvement store. Tell us if you decide to make one in the comments section down below. And if you have a video you would like to see please send us the info through the website. Good luck on the build, and until next time, Make Every Weld Better Than Your Last!