by Jason Becker

We recently received the Everlast Lightning MTS 275 to do a full and honest review of the performance and function of the machine. Due to it being a multiprocess machine, we decided it best to break the reviews up by process. We have already covered TIG welding on stainless, steel and aluminum, so today we decided to check out the performance of the Stick welding process.

We started off running some 1/8" dia. 7018 only adjusting amperage, no arc force and no hot start. I was anticipating the electrode to stick as i always run at least 50% hotstart as a personal preference to prevent the rod from sticking upon trying to ignite the electrode. The machine performed great and I had no problems getting the rod lit and welding through the joint.

We then changed our hot start to 50% to determine the accuracy of the hotstart. At 125A we should hit roughly 187.5 amps and thats exactly what the machine put out for the first .5 second of the arc initiation. I was really surprised as to the accuracy of the machine.

Once we checked the hotstart, we wanted to see how arc force performed. Arc force is a momentary increase in amperage which helps prevent sticking. I have always ran an extremely close arc length. This can cause you to stick very easily if you are not running arc force. As the electrode gets closer to the base metal, the voltage starts to drop and the electrode will stick if you don't have arc force on. Once the machine recognizes the drop in voltage, it increases amperage temporarily to prevent you from sticking. I usually run at least 25-35% arc force depending on the machine. The Everlast worked great once again and did exactly as predicted. The Lighning MTS runs very smooth.

Although we didn't test 6010 on camera, i did run some preliminary tests prior to shooting the video and it worked just fine. Overall this machine has performed very well in all areas that we have tested it. I would highly recommend this machine to anyone looking for a reliable multiprocess machine at the home or even for light industrial applications. We hope you enjoyed the video and learned something along the way. Until next time Make Every Weld Better Than Your Last.