Toxic Fumes Extract
Toxic Fumes Extract

It is day 3 in the Fabtech cancellation series and today we are partnering with Abicor Binzel. We've been using their fume extraction torches for a little over a year now and it has made a world of difference in the shop. If you're a member of the black booger club (you know who your are) this video, and equipment, is for you!

ABICOR BINZEL USA is now offering full turn-key solutions to fume extraction welding in both automated, robotic applications and manual applications.

Manual Applications:

The xFUME™ ADVANCED fume extraction vacuum system is a portable fume extraction vacuum system that can support two welding guns simultaneously. The unit's two HISTEC PTFE filters capture 99.5% of all dust greater than 0.1µm, which is the size of most. particulate in welding fumes. The automatic cleaning function makes cleaning out the filter a breeze and significantly increases filter life. Automatic on/off and adjustable vacuum settings make the xFUME ADVANCED simple to use for any operator and adaptable to your welding application.

Pair the xFUME ADVANCED with ABICOR BINZEL’s xFUME fume extraction MIG torch for optimal fume capture efficiency and increased welder comfort.

If your welding procedure requires a high volume of fume extraction