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Thermacut: Factors that Affect Your Cutting

There are many factors that can affect your cutting, no matter which CNC equipment you are using. Our friends at Thermacut did a few videos to help troubleshoot, cutting speeds, improper settings and consumables that have exceeded their life expectancy.

In this first video, they show examples of issues with cutting speeds. This is THE most common problem that users have with CNC cutting tables. How do you recognize that your cutting speed is too fast? Lag lines show that the torch is leading the plasma arc and also check from a right angle, that the torch is perpendicular (90 degrees) to the plate that is being cut.

Next, we want to look at whether or not you are using the improper settings. If you are using the wrong settings, this can cause of the following issues below:

  1. Shorter lifetime of the cutting consumables

  2. Reduced speed of the cutting process (higher cost/meter)

  3. Poor cutting quality

  4. Undercut of the workpiece

  5. Larger piercing area

  6. Higher amount of bottom dross

You can see examples of this in the following video clip from Thermacut

Another factor that can affect your cutting quality is using consumables that have exceeded their useful life. This can negatively affect the quality and it can cause issues when attempting to pierce metal as you can see in the next video. You will also see examples of unacceptable quality when overused consumables are kept in use. If you are experiencing quality issues, first check the entire set of consumables for signs of extended wear.

For information on products from Thermacut and to look at the benefits of their consumables, check out their website here:


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