by Jason Becker

While attending Fabtech 2019 we were able to meet up with the fine folks at Weiler Abrasives, if you haven't had a chance to use their products, I highly recommend picking some up and giving them a try. These guys and gals know abrasives like we know welding. They have some new products coming out and we had the opportunity to take a test drive on a few discs from their lineup. Whether you're cutting or grinding on steel, stainless, or aluminum, they have you covered.

Be sure to check out both videos.

In the first episode " Multi Pass Grinding" we get to try the new Pipeliner wheel, the Stringer Bead wheel, the Dually wheel and their Encapsulated Wire wheel. The Pipeliner wheel really impressed me. It removes the root pass on pipe and plate very quickly and the best part is, the wheel does not glaze over. Thats always been a big issue when grinding down a root pass. The Stringer Bead is also a nice product, we use them quite a bit in the shop when we need to use a wire wheel, however, the Dually would be my first choice if I was going to purchase a wire wheel. It has a dual arbor nut so you can flip the wheel once the wires start to develop a memory. Its like having a new wheel every time you flip it. Now, the Encapsulated wheel is a genius idea. If you have ever used a wire wheel, you no doubt have pulled a rogue wire out of your clothes and possibly your skin. It is not a pleasant feeling. The Encapsulated wheel is exactly what it sounds like. It is encapsulated in a hard resin that keeps the wires in place and prevents them from flying through the air into unsuspecting targets.

Next up, we switch gears and talk about some aluminum specific wheels. In the past, I have done miles of aluminum handrail and gates. We had to grind the welds off the surface and have them powdercoated after they were built. We would use wax on the wheel to decrease grinding time and prevent the wheel from loading up with aluminum. The wax caused a few problems, it ended up everywhere, on the parts, the floor, your clothes etc. It also created more work because we would have to acid wash the parts to get the wax off so that the coatings would stick. Well, Weiler has solved that problem. They made an aluminum wheel that cuts just as fast and doesn't load up. Its pre lubricated, so theres no mess to deal with after the fact and it doesn't leave a residue behind that will interfere with the welding or the coating process.

All in all we had a great time with Weiler and were able to learn a ton of information about their new products. We are looking forward to using these in future videos. As always, thanks for watching the videos, reading the blogs and supporting what we do. Without "you" the fans, we wouldn't be able to do what we do. Until next time Make Every Weld Better Than Your Last!