by Jason Becker

Today we're discussing Hard Facing with Jerry Matheson. Jerry is an Applications Engineer with Select Arc. If you are facing a problem related to welding, Jerry is the man to talk to. He's been in the industry as a welder, CWI, and instructor for well over 25 years.

We brought him in today to do some Hard Facing. Hard Facing is something I haven't had the chance to do in my line of work. I have done some resurfacing with 7018 to build up worn parts, but nothing like what jerry is going to show us. Due to the chemistry of some of the materials, you cant just run the Hard Facing wire directly on to the material because it is just too hard. We first have to put down a layer of build up. This layer wild bind to the parent material, and then bind to the Hard Surfacing passes for the final layer. When we are Hard Facing, we are not welding, only in the sense that we are not joining two pieces of material together to form a permanent bond. We are simply building up a new surface on top of the parent metal. This process is used extensively in excavation, earthmoving, agriculture and other tool to earth applications. Its also used to build-up and resurface worn shafts, augers and bits. It is often cheaper for the owner to pay a welder to Hard Face his buckets and other equipment than it is to replace them. Often times, the Hard Surfacing process will be ran on new equipment prior to its first use. Think of it as a small insurance policy to prevent wear and tear on your attachments. It's a fun process and some people do some really intricate designs when they cover the various attachments. Jerry does a great explanation on how to use these two electrodes properly and does a demonstration to show exactly how it is used.

I hope you all enjoy the video and as always, thank you for the support it truly means a lot to all of us here at Weld.com. Until next time Make Every Weld Better Than Your Last!