by Jason Becker

In a previous episode, we ran some 1/16" Select Arc 78 wire in the vertical position. Today, we are expanding on this process and we are headed to the 4F position (overhead).

The perimeters are going to be very similar to the vertical but instead of dragging the wire up, we will be running the wire straight in to a slight push angle.

Because we are going overhead, we don't have to worry about trapping slag in the weld.

This wire runs extremely smooth and is fairly easy to run in the various positions. One thing we definitely need to pay attention to is the Contact tip to work distance, we need to maintain that 3/4"-1" distance. If we get too close, we will trap slag and possibly get some wormhole porosity. If we are too far, we will cause a spike in resistance and therefore we will lose amperage. We are trying to get about 200 Amps with our current settings.

Additionally, anytime you are running this type of wire in the overhead position make sure to cover up with leathers. I wore a regular welding jacket and got hit with a couple good size drops of spatter and I am still recovering from the burns almost a month later. I knew better but thought I would be okay just running a few quick passes, I was wrong.

Again, thanks for taking the time to watch, I hope the video helps out the viewers who asked about this wire in the overhead position. Thanks for the continued support, the entire crew really appreciates you all watching. Until next time, Make Every Weld Better Than Your Last!