Updated: Apr 5

side bend
side bend

If you've been in the welding industry for any period of time it's safe to say you've probably taken a bend test. We've done our fair share of face and root bends on this channel, but today we're showing side bends on a 1" plate test in the overhead position.

Today's test qualifies for both D1.1 and D1.5 codes. Before we get into the welding technique and things to look out for, let's talk about material prep.

Material Preparation

You should always make sure you have good material prep before welding, but it's especially important on test day. Improper material prep can be the difference between passing and failing.

Remove Mill scale

Always remove mill scale prior to welding when possible. Today we're using a Weiler Tiger 1/4" AO grinding wheel.

Bevel Angle and Root Opening

The bevel angle on our plates is a 45 degree included angle. That means each plate is beveled at 22.5 degrees. The root opening is 1/4" with no land.

Run on and Run Off Tabs

The run on and run off tabs are a little different than we normally have on these one inch plates. We created a side wall to extend the plate bevel. The side walls keep the weld nice and uniform all the way through to the end.