by Jason Becker

Today we are building what's commonly referred to as a half clamp in the field. Half clamps are used to clamp down materials when you cant get a hold on the back side of it.

I've welded these to imbeds to pull in and clamp perimeter angle, anchored them to a concrete wall for a temporary hold while setting stair stingers, welded them to tread plate to draw down another piece of metal for flooring. The possibilities of using these are endless. In the video we use it on our tab and slot table which obviously isn't the way they are designed to be used, we did this just to demonstrate how these are used and how they function. The best thing to do is hit up a yard sale and try to find a decent clamp to use since I don't recommend doing this on a brand new clamp (although thats exactly what we did in the video). These half clamps are cheap and easy to make but pay dividends when you need to pin something down and cant get a clamp on it. You can also add a longer piece of angle with a hole in it, and use a concrete anchor to attach it to a wall or floor if need be.

I hope you found this little trick useful and that it helps you out along your journey. Until next time, Make Every Weld Better Than Your Last!