Shop Stool
Shop Stool

by Jason Becker

We met Tyler at the Good of the Land Fest 2019 in Temple Texas. He does some really cool custom leather work. He just started a new YouTube channel and we wanted to help him get his name out so we offered to do a collaboration with him.

We thought a custom shop stool would be a cool project that both channels could work on together. We built the lower half and cut out the wood for the seat and Tyler would wrap it with leather and do some custom work incorporating both of our logo's.

This was a really cool project to work on and we show some different layout and fabrication techniques. It was great to collaborate with Tyler on this. His skills with leather are just amazing. The maker community as a whole are just a great group of individuals. I really like the fact that no one views other makers as competition, it's more like a family and everyone is always willing to lend a hand to each other. Ive never been part of a community like the Maker Community. It's really cool any time we get to meet up and work on projects together. Everyone wants to see each other succeed in whatever it is they are doing. Tyler is no exception.

We hope you enjoy the video and don't forget to go check out Nice Custom Goods on YouTube and Instagram. Be sure to enter the contest for your chance to win this awesome shop stool, it's definitely a great piece to have in any shop. Good luck on your entry and until next time Make Every Weld Better Than Your Last!.

And don't forget to check out @nicecustomgoods on IG and YouTube!