Updated: Apr 6, 2021

by Jason Becker

easy weld from home
Easy Weld Project from home!

With many schools and businesses closed, we realize that lots of people are stuck at home and getting stir crazy, especially kids. We wanted to come up with a super easy project that you could involve the kids in not only building, but keeping them busy after it's done... You're welcome!

For this project you will need two (2) horseshoe, one (1) ring, and some chain. Start off by cleaning up the end of the horseshoes for welding. We also realize that some of our audience isn't fortunate enough to have a power source at their home. If that is the case, you can use epoxy or any strong adhesive.

After you've cleaned the horse shoes you are ready to attach the chain. place the link on edge and tack it into place. Make sure that the link is on edge, and not laying flat. You can see how we tacked it at :49 in the video. Try to do your best to make the link follow the same angle as the horse shoe. Once you've tacked all four sides, eyeball it to make sure your angles are right. If you need to tweak them, use a crescent wrench and do it now.

To ensure that the angles are correct, put the ring on and make sure that you can get it on and off. Once everything is in place, tack the other side.

That's about it. A simple, easy project to get the kids under the hood and busy for hours once it's done!

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Thanks for watching and stay safe!

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