by Jason Becker

The crew sat down with some of the leading social media influencers in the welding industry to talk about the competition mindset. Although this conversation was based around the students gearing up for the Second Annual South Coast Welding Academy Welding Competition.

The skills discussed in this episode are transferable to the welding industry as well. Regardless if you are a student just starting out, a journeyman who’s been in 5+ years or a professional with 20+ years of experience. Having the right mindset for the industry is a crucial part of implementing a successful career in welding.

The crew was joined by Jimmy McKnight (host of the Arc Junkies Podcast), Hjalmar Aguilo (SCWA Lead Instructor), Travis Fields (Rig Welder Alberta Canada), Jacob Schofield (Schofield Welding) the conversation opened up with a recap of the days activities of pipe welding, top gulf and some friendly competition. The personalities would be the judges for the competition to follow the next day. They discussed what they were looking for as criteria of acceptable welds, attitude, sportsmanship and effort.

Ultimately, the judges all agreed that staying calm, being humble and not being afraid to ask questions from the more seasoned welders. All of these traits apply regardless of your experience level. Always ask questions from those that are more experienced and don’t be cocky, staying humble is the key. Confidence is key but cockiness can humble you very quick. Everyone in the welding industry has busted out at one point or another in their career. If they haven’t, they are either lying, or haven’t been in the trade long enough. But with failure comes experience. You have to learn from your failures and learn what not to do in the future and what to do.

Testing as a welder is a valuable experience. I highly recommend, especially those new to the industry, enter a competition. Entering a competition will put you leaps and bounds ahead of your peers. Worst case scenario, you don’t win but you gain valuable experience, best case scenario, you win and test your mettle in the process. You also learn if you win. Each time you test or compete, you learn. You learn skills that can only be learned through experience.

All in all, stay humble, work hard and don’t let your ego grow with your skill level. I guarantee that if you let your ego grow ahead of your skill level you will get humbled sooner than later. The competition will meet again in the summer of 2020 so make sure to sign up and come test your mettle. It’s a great experience and an amazing time. Until next time, Make Every Weld Better Than Your Last.