by Jason Becker

So a while ago during out Thin to Thick Stainless TIG welding video, the Mancub decided to do a little shop prank and hit my table with a hammer while I was under the hood. This was definitely a “not cool bro” moment.

But, it’s all in good fun and I made a commitment to make sure that he would be on the receiving end of this prank in the not so distant future. We recently received some welding coupons from Weld Metals Online and Mancub was doing some practice on them and I figured what better time to pay him back.

Needless to say, he did not appreciate the favor being returned. This prompted a friendly little competition between us to build the Hurricane Welding Challenge kit that we also received from Weld Metals Online. We decided to make it a bit more interesting and put lunch on the line, the loser would have to buy Smash Burgers for the crew. Once we agreed, we were off. We put 90 minutes on the clock and got to work.

We both started by prepping and cleaning our base metal and getting setup to weld. I cleaned only the areas I intended to weld and, in my haste, overlooked a few key areas where welds would be needed. By the time I realized this it was too late, so I had to use a wire brush to clean the surfaces. Mancub decided to polish all of his materials and wipe them down with acetone. I gotta say, they looked nice when he was done. But, he wasted a lot of precious time cleaning them up. By the time he was ready to start assembling his pieces, I was already assembled, tacked and started welding the piece together.

While I was making some initial welds, Mancub decided that the practical jokes were far from over, and snuck into my area while I was welding and connected a workpiece clamp to my table and started to stick weld on my piece. Luckily, he had his amps set too low and he stuck when he made contact. I was able to prevent his efforts of sabotage any further. This single act started a battle of back and forth banter that would last the remainder of the build.

The ball was now in my court. While working on my piece, I could hear Mancub on the other side of the screen having some problems with the assembly of his kit. After several tries and a few choice words not safe for little ears, he had it assembled and decided to take a much-needed Bio Break. While he was away, I decided it was my turn for retribution. I went to his booth and disassembled and stacked his pieces back in a nice pile. Upon his return to seeing all of his hard work in a heap of pieces, he let out a yell and voiced his frustration. You gotta watch the video to see the remaining hilarity and sabotage which occurs between the two of us, it is quite amusing.

Due to my shotty prep work and haste of welding, I was able to finish my build in about 84 minutes and had 6 minutes to spare before the clock stopped. Mancub was really getting into the build so we let him go for an additional 30 minutes past the time before letting him know that the clock had already stopped.

At the end of the day, we both had a lot of fun with this video. I gotta hand it to the Cub, even though he only welded out half of the project, his welds were on point and they looked better than mine. I think the 90 minute time frame was a bit unrealistic to weld out this fairly challenging piece with any degree of quality. I highly recommend getting one of these for yourself and giving it a try. It was very fun to mess around with. Now, the ball is in the audience’s court to determine the winner. Either way, I’m looking forward to getting a Smash Burger. Thanks for reading and Until Next time, Make Every Weld Better Than Your Last.