by Bob Moffatt

We've been doing a series of pipe runs on two inch schedule 80. We did a 1G rollout and exercise where we were doing it in quarters for confidence, to get you started on some pipe welding techniques.

We're goin' into the 5g where we demonstrated the uphill well, we did a 2G horizontal, today we're doin' the 6G. I have a standard bevel, and I clean the inside of the pipe above the face, sanded it, wire welded it a little bit around the edge, and I probably have maybe a 32nd. I just lightly hit it with a disc to kind of take the burr off the bevel face there so it's essentially a feathered edge. And I have a 3/32nd filler wire that I can't, I can almost fit it through the groove.

So this is kind of tight. Again, feathered edge. I'm going to put this on the leading edge of the weld pool as I come up. We're going to shoot off an Everlast 161STH and I'm using a feature called live arc. Okay? And the live arc is, instead of using a gas valve over here like on a manual torch, this is hot all the time but as soon as I touch the tungsten to the grounded material, gas and amperage come up. I'm going to run probably with this fit, I probably want to go down to about 115, on my amperage. That might sound a little high, but again we got a schedule 80, and I've got to fairly tight fit. I just want to wash this in here, keep the wire on the leading edge of the pool, on account of I feel more comfortable doing that with the small bore pipe.

Couple of ways to hold the torch. I don't really want to stop on the way up, so I can come in here and hold it like this, by the way this is not a flex neck, so I'm kind of rigid, and in a way I don't like that because I like to be able to bend this, and get more straight into the the pipe. But I could hold it over here like this and come up which I may do, I could put a couple of fingers on here, and come up.

I've seen a lot of folks do that and do it very well. I've seen a lot of folks come in here. I've got a number five cup on here but in my gap is just almost not wide enough. And we can wiggle this all the way up to get us wet, it's your comfort, you know? Let me get a ground clamp we'll give it a go.

I heat this tack up I come up on the leading edge, we'll put a little wire in here. I'm running at 115 amps. And gently rolling this wire back and forth. As I come up to this tack, I take my wire out, heat everything up, push some wire in there and blend into this tack. Then we'll snap out of it.

Okay, so this concludes our root pass run, 6G two inch schedule 80. I ran off an Everlast 161STH, I ran 115 amps with my fit, I ended up holding this, I wrapped this cable around my arm and I ended up holding this where I was resting the heel of my hand so I could get the right angle in the wire. It's hard to film these small bore pipes, it's hard to get the camera guy in here, so.

Anyway, this is the root, okay? And we're going to continue on, we'll do other episodes, we'll do the fill and the cap, so I hope this helps out, I know there's been a lot of questions and comments about people gettin' started and they want to pass this test. I hope this helps, if we can help ya out please message us, put it in the comments. Appreciate your subscription to, please check us out on Facebook and instagram.