by Jason Becker

While we were at the Good of the Land Fest 2019 we got to hang out with a really cool guy by the name of Dale Dairy who runs the Build Something Cool YouTube Channel. He told us about this really cool trend that a lot of Creators were doing called Tip Blitz 2019.

It was created by Emmas Spare Room Machine Shop and its essentially creators from the maker community submitting quick tips to help out the viewers with different tools and projects.

Our submission was simple yet effective.

This is a trick that I used to show all of my students when they learned Oxy-Fuel Cutting. All you have to do is put a hose clamp around the tip of your torch. Then, rest the side of the clamp along the edge of a piece of angle iron. This will help maintain the proper coupling distance, and keep you consistent for the length of the cut. I picked this up from one of the older journeymen I worked with back when I was a young apprentice. Straight cuts are very important because a good fit-up reduces welding time and therefore increases productivity.

I hope you find this trick useful and that you throw a few hose clamps in your toolbox for the next time you cut. Thanks for stopping by, and until next time Make Every Cut Better Than Your Last!