by Bob Moffatt

Hope you're having a marvelous Monday!

We've been doing a series of pipe welding videos using 4 inch schedule 40. I've got to get with the cub on cutting these coupons out of these pipe. It's a little crooked. We'll work with it, we'll work with it.

We're going to run a horizontal root today, the 2G horizontal. Couple of different methods. Let me get my hood, my stinger, we'll get into it.

2G, I had two tacks in here about an inch long. I'm gonna start on this one back here. A couple of different methods for horizontal that I like to use that are comfortable for me. I like to rest the heel of my hand on the pipe down here and hold this like a pencil and I can get going and do whatever manipulation I need to do with the tungsten.

I get out here in front of you, I'm going to change this and we can wiggle the cup in the rest of the way and come around and bump into this tack over here.

I'm running about 130 amps.

I've got a snug 1/8th inch root opening. The wire won't fit into it. I like to use the 1/8th inch when I'm in the horizontal so I can get some reinforcement built in there.

Let's give it a go!

I heat up the leading edge of this tack. Put the wire in there, rolling and pushing on this wire just a little bit. I'm running about 130 amps. So I started over here on this opposite tack, heated the leading edge up, fused the wire in the front of it and came across here and I stopped right about right here for the freehand part of it. The rest of the way, I want to rest the cup in here and just give it a nice glide all the way around. Hopefully we can walk it in there nice and smooth.

Again, a snug 1/8th fit so my wire won't fall through but I'm rolling on the leading edge of it trying to break these walls down and get a little bit of reinforcement. Okay, I'm coming up to my tack so I'm heating it up, putting wire in it.

A little flat, a little flat, I like to have just a bit more reinforcement, but you know, wall thickness is broken down on the inside, I've got just a little bit of reinforcement. I'd like to have a little more but it works. To correct that I could have that gap opened a little bit more, use a smaller wire, feed more wire, but this'll work.

Again, horizontal roots, we did two methods here where we came off the side and rested the heel of the hand on here and kind of slipped along and then for the second part we walked it the rest of the way.

So, I hope this helps out