by Bob Moffatt

Hey, welcome to Weld.com. It's Christmas time. Going to get Mancub. Mancub likes his Crown Royal. I don't think he's old enough to drink it, sure don't act like it sometimes.

Anyway, I'm going to mess with him a little bit. It's been done before but I'm going to make a little jailhouse for his bottle. Matter of fact, there's not even a bottle in here, it's a couple of rolls of filler wire. Weighs about the same. Anyway, I'm going to make a little plate here and put the jailhouse on him so he's going to work to get into this thing. Merry Christmas, Mancub. I hope you enjoy getting into this gift.

So, the first thing we did was come in and measure out our plates. Something that would fit the box here. I laid them out, I used the burn bar that we built here recently just to quick cut. Rounded the edges off, cleaned everything up, cleaned the mill scale because I'm just going to TIG weld these in place, TIG weld the rods in place. So right now I need to kind of lay out a border. Box'll fit in here still nicely, I'm just going to go along the edge here and try to keep some symmetry because I'm going to build this with the rods standing up, invert it in my layout. Should come out close enough. So, scratch some lines on here that we can see. I laid out my border here with the soap stone just so I can see this. Now I'm just finding center because I'm going to start out putting in each corner and then I'm going to go off centers or I may break this up a little bit to get some symmetry on here and put all these rods in. I may cut some more rods, too. The rods we used are five sixteenths carbon steel rods. I cut them all at nine inches. We deburred the edges, deburred the ends on them just so we could get a nice...

Hey, real quick! You guys out there on camera, what's half of six and five eigths? Thank you. It'll be three and five sixteenths. I got it, I got it. Got to get my leg up just right, you know? We like square and straight with the world. Four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve. Shoot, we got this, there's no way that box is going to fit through there. So, I probably need to come in here and break this up one more time. Real quick, you guys out there on camera, what's half of three and five sixteenths? We got you, we got you. Boom! All right, we need to get a TIG welder over here because I just plan on spotting these in a couple of places. So, let me find a hood, turn my gas on, do some TIG welding. First thing I'm going to do is tack weld these. I'm just going to tack them in one spot and you may notice on camera that I'm leaning them in. I never tack anything where I try to hold it straight up and down because it's not going to stay there anyway. I like to tack stuff and kind of lean it in a couple of degrees here, hit this outside part of it right here on the corner and then square it up. If I get all four of them in and I follow my layout guideline here. Again, this isn't anything critical, we're not building a piano or anything. This is for the Cub, you know, we're messing with the Cub. So, I think that we just tack these in real quick, we'll see what happens and square them up. We'll be all right. I started out with one plate here and I tacked the four rods in the corners and kind of visually squared them up and got the baby square on them. So right now I'm inverting this, so that I can match up corners. I see one of them has to move out but I don't want to do that yet. Because I also want these and I'll check that with the square here in a minute. I want these two plates to be in line with each other as well. I don't want to have to move stuff all over just to... Camera guy brought me a great, big industrial square. Woo, it's a big one. Thanks, camera guy. Camera guy, you're off a sixteenth here, that's probably not going to be tolerated. Money, money! We can do some pulling here, we'll be all right. So, we'll tack these rods in the corners here. I think I'll get the one that doesn't need to work very much at all first. The other two are already set. And I'll pull on this last one because it was one that was a little out of square.

We're fine, it'll work, it's functional. A lot of times I'm building stuff like this I just look down over the top of it and see if my edges are in line. And they are. I don't think the Cub is going to worry about structural integrity and exactness out here in measurements. I think the focus is going to be, he's going to see this thing in the middle and that's all he's going to worry about. So, we're good, we're good. Now, I probably come in here now and do these ends. And one side, the last thing I need to do is put the gag gift in here. Looks like we've got a variation in rod lengths, so I have to do a little trimming on the rod lengths so we'll be all right. Grab another one. Oh, it's a beautiful thing, it's a beautiful thing. I might need to get a small hammer out here so I can peck on these rods and adjust them a little bit.

Yo, Cub, I hope you had fun with this. You looked like a monkey humping a football getting into this. I already drank the booze, that