by Jason Becker

Workshops for Warriors

Workshops for Warriors is a great great program for Veterans who are transitioning from Active Duty Veterans to the Civilian Sector. As a Veteran myself, I can tell you first hand that this is an amazing opportunity for any service member transitioning from active duty.

Regardless of what your job was in the military, you can learn the skills needed to enter the welding or CNC machining industry. Both industries are currently hurting to fill open positions right now and the need is continuing to grow. Workshops for Warriors is teaching the skills needed to fill these positions, throughout the course of 16 weeks, students are able to earn 7 different welding qualifications that will prepare them for a solid foundation in the welding industry.

Employers are looking for welders and most prefer to higher Military Veterans. Veterans have work ethics, discipline and the ability to adapt, overcome and complete the mission. Since I separated from active duty service in 2005, I have not been without unemployment and have had employers offer me a job without me ever having applied to their company. Employers are seeking out skilled Veterans. They know and understand the difference and are looking to hire you.

Check out Workshops for Warriors website for more information or send them a charitable donation so that they can continue to train the men and women who have served our country. Until next time, Make Every Weld Better Than Your Last.