PowerArc 160STH

160 amp Stick / TIG welder
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The PowerARC 160STH offers a balanced welding package, with both Stick and DC TIG capability.   As an 160 amp stick welder, the welder is light and portable, ideal for making repairs and doing daily welding chores around the shop.  The IGBT inverter design of the PowerARC 160STH provides a stable arc, with auto adaptive Hot Start, and auto adaptive arc force control which is perfect for welding with 1/8" electrodes and offers excellent performance with  E6011, E6013, E7014, E7018, and even E7024.  If it's needed, the PowerARC 160STH provides excellent basic DC TIG capability.  The unit features both built in gas solenoid for automatic gas flow control, and a remote connection for the torch switch.   The unit offers reliable High Frequency start , and lift TIG arc start function when HF is not ideal or not permitted.  Dual Voltage capability allows the unit to be used virtually anywhere an power outlet is present adding to the versatility and practicality of this Stick/TIG welder.  Keep in mind the foot pedal is optional, so if you want remote amperage control, be sure to order the foot pedal listed for the 160STH in the accessories section.
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Stable, smooth DC arc
Digital display for precise current setting
Low power consumption
Complete Stick/TIG welding package with carry case
Easy auto adaptive hot start for improved arc striking
Auto-regulated arc force control
120V/240V Dual Voltage
Optional foot pedal for TIG
Adjustable post flow control for TIG
10-160 amps operating range (240V)
Electrode Holder with 10 ft. cable
Work Clamp with 10 ft. cable
12 ft Everlast 17 series TIG torch with remote trigger switch
Argon Regulator
Consumable Starter Kit (Tungsten not included)
Impact resistant carry case