PowerPro 164SI

160 amp TIG welder with stick and plasma capability
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The PowerPro 164Si is clearly a great choice for the person needing a modestly powered welding package that offers a little bit of everything.  It is perfectly suited for the home garage, small fabrication facility or portable repair business.  The all new digital IGBT inverter design features 120/240V input for true go anywhere performance. Digital control has improved operation and reliability over the previous PowerPro 164 models while increasing precision of adjustments.   If you need true portability for on-the-site welding and cutting or occasional light fabrication chores, the PowerPro 164Si is well equipped to handle your needs, with  TIG, Stick and Plasma cutting features.  The TIG mode also features full adjustability of the AC output with AC frequency and AC balance controls to offer the maximum quality weld.  When you add the simple 2 speed TIG pulse feature, this unit gives you plenty of capability.  At the power level this unit puts out, it's able to weld up to 3/16" aluminum and 1/4" steel  in a single pass in TIG mode, and handle many common 1/8" stick electrodes.   The stick feature offers stick welding power up to 130 amps, enough power for general duty welding up to 1/8" electrodes when TIG welding just isn't possible, and where TIG isn't the best solution.  The 40 amp plasma is good for regularly cutting metal up to 3/8" thick with severance capability up to 5/8" thick.  This unit also features a generous 60% duty cycle in TIG mode at full power, so there's more welding being done than sitting around waiting for the unit to recover.
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Dual Voltage design allows the unit to be used where 120V or 240V voltage is present.
AC and DC output welds any metal, including aluminum and magnesium.
Simple 2 position pulse allows you to select 1 Hz or 25 Hz for improved weld appearance and arc focus.
TIG, Stick or Plasma operation combined in one single unit.
Flip down Visor protects unit's control panel from sparks and dust.
12ft. 17-Series air cooled Everlast TIG torch with DINSE-style connector
Stick electrode holder with 10 ft cable and DINSE-style connector
12 ft. S-45 Blowback style Plasma Torch with DINSE-style connector
Work clamp with 10ft cable and DINSE-style connector
Argon Regulator for TIG
Air Pressure regulator with water trap
Consumable starter kit
Foot Pedal
IGBT Inverter Type:
Dual Voltage 120/240 1 Phase
TIG output type:
TIG Start Type:
Lift and High Frequency
Yes, Fixed 2 position
Plasma Cutter Arc Start Type:
Blow Back (Piston type)
OK-to-Cut Indicator/Low Air pressure safety:
AC Frequency:
20-250 Hz
AC Balance (cleaning):
85V TIG/Stick, 290V Plasma
Max Inrush ( I1MAX ) Amps:
120V: 32A
240V: 26A
Maximum Rated (I1EFF ) Input Amps:
120V: 21A
240V: 17 A
TIG Output Amps/Volts @ Rated Duty Cycle:
60% @ 100A/15V
100% @ 80A/13.2V
60% @ 160A/16.4V
100% @ 130A/15.2V
Stick Output Amps/Volts @ Rated Duty Cycle:
60% @ 90A/23.6V
100% @ 75A/23V
60% @ 130A/25.2V
100% @ 100A/24V
Plasma Output Amps/Volts @ Rated Duty Cycle:
35% @ 25A/90V
60% @ 20A/88V
35% @ 40A/ 96V
60% @ 30A/92V
100% @ 20A/ 88V
TIG AC Amp/Volt Range:
120V: 20 A-100A; 10.8V-14.0V
240V: 20 A -160A; 10.8V-16.4V
TIG DC Amp/Volt Range:
120V: 5A-100A; 10.2V-14V
240V: 5A-160A; 10.2V-16.4V
Stick Amp/Volt Range:
120V: 20A-125A; 10.8V-15V
250V: 20A-160A; 10.8V-16.4V
Plasma Amp/Volt Range:
120V: 20A-25A; 88V-90V
240V: 20A-40A; 88V-96V
Start Amps:
Fixed, Minimum
End Amps:
Fixed, Minimum
Down Slope Time:
0-10 Seconds
Up Slope Time:
Fixed, Minimum
Preflow time:
Fixed, .5 Seconds
Post Flow Time:
0-10 Seconds
OverCurrent Protection:
Duty Cycle Protection:
Air Pressure OK Safety Indicator:
TIG Pulse Frequency:
1Hz or 25 Hz (Fixed 2 speed)
TIG Pulse Time On:
Fixed, 50%
TIG Pulse Amp Range:
Fixed, 50%
Stick Arc Force Control:
Torch Type:
Recommended Cutting Air Pressure:
75 PSI
Recommended Compressor Capacity:
4 CFM or greater, 20 gallon
This unit is designed for portable repair and light fabrication chores and is not intended for industrial or production welding.
TIG single pass capability:

Steel: 36 gauge-1/4"
Aluminum: 24 gauge- 3/16"
Stick electrode diameter capability:

Plasma Cutting capability* ( with dry air, new consumables, proper air pressure etc.)

up to 3/8" daily use @ 15-20 ipm
up to 1/2" clean cut @ 8-12 ipm
up to 5/8" severance cut @ 3-5 ipm
*Quality and capacity of cut depends upon consumable orifice size, standoff height, travel speed, etc.