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ESAB Rogue Family: Embrace the Excitement of Going Rogue in Welding!

When it comes to welding, going rogue has never been more rewarding! ESAB, the renowned welding equipment manufacturer, has expanded its award-winning Rogue family with new additions, catering to welders who want to explore the world of MIG welding. With the recent launch of the ESAB Rogue EM series, welders can now experience the thrill of fine-tuned arc performance and versatile controls, allowing them to tackle a diverse range of welding projects with ease.

Meet ESAB Rogue EM 125: Empowering Welders for Every Project

ESAB Rogue

The ESAB Rogue EM 125 is an inverter-based MIG welding system designed to cater to various welding needs, from light fabrication to repair and maintenance tasks. Weighing in at 27.7 lbs. and operating on a single voltage 120V single-phase input, this system offers unparalleled portability and convenience. Welders can fine-tune arc characteristics based on the material they are working with, ensuring precise and efficient welds every time. Additionally, its compatibility with 6 kVA generators makes it an ideal choice for on-the-go welding professionals. Meet ESAB Rogue EM 140: Unleashing the Power of 140 Amp Output


For welders seeking a potent welding solution, the ESAB Rogue EM 140 is the perfect fit. Operating on 120V and delivering a formidable 140 Amp output, this MIG welder guarantees outstanding performance. With a duty cycle of 30% @ 90A, it can handle demanding welding tasks with ease. Whether it's repair and maintenance work or light fabrication, the ESAB Rogue EM 140 empowers welders to achieve excellent results. Its rugged industrial design with multiple lift points and efficient cable management ensures durability and ease of use in any welding environment. Meet ESAB Rogue EM 190: Empowering Welders with Synergic MIG Technology


The ESAB Rogue EM 190 PRO takes welding to a whole new level with its cutting-edge features. Built for Synergic MIG, Manual MIG, MIG Brazing, and Flux Cored welding, this versatile system offers welders the ultimate level of control. Its intuitive 5.0-inch TFT screen provides a clear view and direct interaction, making adjustments a breeze. The synergic weld program boasts a full range of welding parameters, complemented by single-knob control and power factor correction for a stable arc even in the face of power fluctuations.

With ESAB's Rogue family expansion, welders now have the opportunity to "go Rogue" and embrace the excitement of welding with unmatched precision and control. The ESAB Rogue EM series equips welding professionals with the tools they need to conquer diverse projects, from light fabrication to heavy-duty welding tasks. So, if you're ready to elevate your welding game, join the Rogue family and experience the thrill of going rogue in welding!



Nov 29, 2023

Ok ,here is a question ::

Can a person with no welding experience Or training " take a stick welder and just go to work and build something that will hold together ?

( Example : take a used trailer hitch that does not fit the truck , cut it apart and weld it back together to fit the truck and then tow a truck using towbar with that trailer hitch that was just welded back together by somebody with no pryer experiance welding ) !

Feb 01
Replying to

I mean technically it all depends on if they make the weld strong enough because the trailer hitch is so thing that will be put under alota stress

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