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Viewer Request: 16 Gauge Stainless Fillet Welds

Today's video is going to be pretty quick, so try to keep up. We are tackling a viewer request on 16 Gauge Stainless Steel Horizontal Fillets.

The trick to any stainless, but especially the thin stuff, is to move fast and get good gas coverage. If you are getting black or unsightly looking welds, you are likely dumping too much heat into the material. 

Stringer Beads vs Weave

We know that this episode is probably going to bring out some controversy, but it's worth talking about. We have done some episodes in the past where we have taken some heat for running a weave, instead of stringer beads on carbon steel. In this episode we are going to do both stringers and weave on the same plate and then do some destructive testing on them to really see what the difference is. 

You may be surprised when you see the results.

Gasless FCAW Stainless Welding

We get hundreds of requests to make Stainless videos on a monthly basis. One that we have been getting a lot lately is to test out the Blue Demon 308LFC-O gasless FCAW wire. In this video, we are going to test it out on some 10 gauge and some 1/4". 

When we are welding, you will notice that we are welding in a globular transfer. We played with the settings and this condition was always there. However, even with it, we were able to get some nice looking welds.