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So You Think You Can Grind? Clash of the Grinders Season 2 Wants You!

Hey fellow welders! Ever fantasize about putting your welding skills to the test on a national stage?

Do you dream of a future where your expertise is celebrated, and you walk away with enough cash to fuel that project car (or, you know, pay off some student loans)?

Well, fire up your torches because Clash of the Grinders Season 2, hosted by the awesome folks at 3M, is here! This competition is more than just bragging rights (although, those are pretty sweet too). It's about showcasing your passion for the skilled trades and proving you're the next big name in welding and fabrication.

Imagine this: Minneapolis, Minnesota. June 3rd to 7th, 2024. You're surrounded by other welding wizards, sparks are flying, and the only thing hotter than the metal is the competition. This is your chance to grind your way to glory, win some serious cash ($15,000 for 1st place, anyone?), and show the world what you're made of.

But wait, there's more!  Even if you don't snag the top prize, just for competing you'll walk away with a cool $1,500. Plus, your school gets a year's supply of top-of-the-line 3M Abrasives (up to $5,000 value!). Talk about bragging rights for your instructors!

So how do you get in on this epic welding throwdown?

Fill out the entry form and read the contest rules! The application window is closing so be sure to do it soon!

Think you've what it takes? Prove it!

The deadline to enter is May 3rd, 2024, so don't wait! This is your chance to be part of something special, test your skills, and maybe even launch your welding career into the stratosphere. So grab your gear, fire up that creative spark, and get ready to Clash of the Grinders Season 2!


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