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The Perfect Machine for Demanding Jobs

The Ranger® Air 260MPX™ Multi-Function Engine Drive

Lincoln Electric has introduced a new multi-function engine drive called theThe Ranger® Air 260MPX™, which is specifically designed for the work truck industry where unpredictable circumstances and job demands are common. This high-performance machine combines an air compressor, generator, battery charger, battery jump starter, and multi-process welder in one compact device, eliminating the need to carry multiple power equipment on a service truck.

Ranger Air

Compared to other machines in its class,The Ranger® Air 260MPX™ offers industry-leading performance across the board, including in air compressor capabilities, clean auxiliary power, and welding arc performance. he Ranger® Air 260MPX™ is the perfect machine for demanding jobs! It features a Vanair compressor that delivers 40 cfm at 150 psi, providing operators with up to 30% more air than other machines in its class, and a Kohler Electronic Throttle Body Engine that delivers 10 kW of continuous AC generator power to accommodate a variety of tools and equipment.

Lincoln Electric's welding arc control technology, including Ready.Set.Weld technology and ArcFX® technology, is built directly into The Ranger® Air 260MPX™, ensuring a stable and reliable arc. Additionally, the machine is designed to help provide a lower cost of ownership with features such as auto-stop/start technology and an electronic throttle body engine with variable engine speed.

Overall, The Ranger® Air 260MPX™ is a versatile and reliable machine that can handle any demanding jobsite. It will be available later this year, and its compact size will allow for more space on the truck for other tools and gear.


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