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THERMACUT® ’s Precision in Production

When you are in the market to purchase aftermarket consumables, one of the most important things to consider is the production process. Each THERMACUT® part is manufactured with careful and exact standards, without compromise.

In the welding industry, for a product to be both marketable and successful, each component needs to be created with numerical precision. During THERMACUT® ’s parts production process, machines are numerically programmed to manufacture parts within hundreds of a millimeter.

THERMACUT® employs key operations where specially developed, single purpose machines are necessary. This process also requires uniquely developed tools and supporting technology. A combination of specialization, with matching technology guarantees that each part is on course to meet the quality parameters needed for a final product.

Once parts are produced, it is then time to get them over to be cleaned through THERMACUT®’s environmentally friendly process. After cleaning, it’s off to final QC, where the standards align with ISO9001.

What do you do when there’s a part where numerical machines and single purpose machines won’t do the trick? When today’s technology falls short, THERMACUT® can rely on its highly experienced work force to handle any phase of the product development process.

THERMACUT® products have proven themselves to provide customers with better cut quality, longer lifetimes, and easier installations. With this attention to detail during the production process, it’s easy to see why.

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