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Welding in Style

In the welding world, safety is paramount. But that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice style for protection. We love partnering with brands that offer quality and we can without a doubt stand behind. Enter Bomber Eyewear, the brand that brings ANSI Z87+ certified safety glasses with a swagger that won't leave you looking like a robot reject. We often get asked what we recommend in terms of safety, and while there are a lot of brands out there, Bomber is a favorite for its quality and versatility.

Built for the Heat, Designed for You:

Bomber Eyewear understands the demands of the welding environment. That's why their glasses are crafted from impact-resistant polycarbonate, shielding your eyes from sparks, splatter, and harmful UV rays. They even meet the rigorous ANSI Z87+ standards, ensuring you're covered no matter what the job throws your way.

Beyond Protection, It's Personal:

But Bomber Eyewear goes beyond just safety. They offer a diverse range of styles, from the classic aviator-inspired Buzz Bomb to the modern, wrap-around Mana Bomb. And with a spectrum of colors and finishes, you can find a pair that reflects your unique personality, whether you're a rugged traditionalist or a fashion-forward welder.

Unleash the Inner Maverick:

And it doesn't stop there. Bomber Eyewear incorporates innovative features for added comfort and convenience. Their signature floating technology ensures your glasses won't become a casualty of a dunk in the cooling tank. Plus, the removable side shields offer extra protection when needed, and retract seamlessly when not.

Ready to experience the Bomber difference? For a limited time, use the code Welddotcom at checkout to snag 20% off your order! It's the perfect opportunity to level up your eye protection without compromising your style.


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