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100% Maintenance-Free Rotary Grounds

Meridian Laboratory has manufactured the industry’s best high-performance rotary ground solutions since 1963. The ROTOCON ERG Series of high-current electrical rotary grounds provides a 100% maintenance-free and arc-free solution for rotational welding and cutting applications.

Poor grounding can cause inconsistent weld quality, pitting, and a lack of weld penetration among other problems. In the case study referenced below, you can read how one manufacturer was able to overcome these challenges by converting their manufacturing lines to ROTOCON ERG Series rotary ground clamps. They were able to alleviate all these issues and eliminate the downtime associated with greasing and maintenance required with brushed rotary grounds – ultimately increasing output productivity by 250%.

Rotary Grounds

The entire ERG Series frequently surpasses 500 million revolutions without demonstrating any change in electrical resistance or weld quality. Models are rated at 400A, 800A, and 2,500A continuous (Meridian Laboratory has the capabilities to produce 15,000A units if required).

It’s well known in the industry that traditional brushed products like Lenco and Tweco Roto Grounds offer poor grounding capabilities, require constant grease maintenance, and have high arcing potential. This leads to machines operating with fluctuating current levels with variances in penetration, weld quality, and ultimately scrapped product. ROTOCON rotary grounds feature a brushless design, require ZERO grease or routine maintenance, and deliver a perfect electrical rotating ground for welding applications. ROTOCONs are built environmentally sealed, with 304SS corrosion proof housings, to ensure a long service life without maintenance, even in the most challenging manufacturing environments and chemical exposures. When required, the ERG Series is also offered as RoHS and CE compliant.

Watch the video below to see firsthand the benefits which ROTOCON rotary grounds can provide compared to metal-on-metal rotary grounds offered by Tweco.

“The entire ERG Series provides a steady, uninterrupted current flow for rotating applications,” said Sven Krause, Meridian Laboratory Director of Business Development. Adding, “The adaptability of its design offers an abundance of robust mounting options to best meet a customer's needs.”

Rotary Grounds

Suitable for all environments and demanding applications including rotary welding, electro-plating, electro-polishing, cutting, and other high-current rotating industrial projects, the ROTOCON ERG Series is designed to withstand 100% duty cycles in continuous manufacturing and production processes, without interruption or downtime. Now available with optional RoHS and CE compliance.

Here is a video link further demonstrating the improvements ROTOCON brushless rotary

grounds provide over metal-on-metal contacts.

Here is a link to a case study on ROTOCONs increasing productivity by 250%.

Here is a link on the ease of installation.


To purchase this technological breakthrough, email or call 800-837-6010.


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