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Boost Your Welding Skills with The WELD App!

Welcome to the WELD App - the ultimate online community for welding enthusiasts and professionals. Our platform is designed to elevate your welding projects, enhance your skills, and connect you with like-minded individuals from around the world. We offer a free social network for welders, as well as advanced features such as a welding calculator, marketplace, job listings, exclusive video content, and downloadable resources. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced welder, the WELD App has everything you need to take your welding game to the next level.

We believe in creating a supportive community for welders worldwide, which is why we offer both free and paid subscription options.

While our free subscription provides access to basic features, upgrading to our paid subscription unlocks a wealth of additional tools and resources. We invest a significant amount of time and resources into developing these features, which is why we charge for them.

By subscribing to WELD, you'll not only gain access to valuable tools and resources, but you'll also be supporting our efforts to keep the community clean from solicitation and other unwanted distractions. Plus, your subscription fees enable us to build even more useful features to enhance your welding experience. Join our community today and let's weld together!

Join the community


The WELD App provides a free social network where welders can connect, collaborate, and share their welding projects and get their questions answered. This feature allows you to join a community of fellow welders, exchange ideas, and learn from each other's experiences. You can create a profile, connect with other users, and share your welding expertise with like-minded individuals.

The basic subscription builds upon the starter pack and provides additional features, such as access to a limited collection of how-to videos, the ability to privately message other members, the option to find and hire welders, and the ability to connect with marketplace sellers for unique art or equipment and tools. It also includes a comprehensive welding settings calculator for every process, enabling you to enhance your work efficiency. The basic subscription is available at a low cost of $0.99 per month or $9.99 per year.

The premium subscription is designed to be the ultimate welding experience for serious welding professionals, educators, students, and hobbyists. It offers a broad range of exclusive features that can enhance your welding endeavors.

The marketplace feature enables you to list your metal art or old equipment for sale, expanding your business opportunities. Moreover, as a premium subscriber, you'll have complete access to in-depth and exclusive video content covering advanced welding techniques, industry insights, and insider tips. You can download resources, participate in exclusive premium giveaways, and make yourself available for work, enabling others to connect with and hire you.

The premium subscription also includes all features from the starter and basic packages. Additionally, you'll get a 14-day free trial and a gold crown to indicate that you are a verified member. The premium subscription is available at a low cost of $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year.

the weld app

Please note that pricing is subject to change at the discretion of LLC. Current pricing does not include any taxes or fees that may be applicable through Google or Apple for your area. Your subscription directly supports our ongoing efforts to develop cutting-edge technologies and provide education to empower and uplift the welding trade!


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