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Enhancing Welding Skills and Knowledge Through Innovative Features

At WELD™, we are passionate about building a global welding community that shares resources and knowledge to enhance the industry. Our goal is to provide an all-inclusive platform that offers expert advice, tips, and techniques to help our members grow and improve their welding skills.

To better serve our community, we decided to enhance our mobile and web application by incorporating innovative features that would offer more functionality and value beyond being just a social platform for welders. For this, we reached out to The SilverLogic (TSL), a custom software development company based in Boca Raton, Florida.

TSL took the time to understand our needs and collaborated with us to create a roadmap for the new features. Together, we identified the essential components and what we could do without and built a platform that includes job opportunities, a learning portal, and a marketplace for buying and selling equipment and other products built using various welding techniques. With TSL's help, we were able to create the features that we needed to better serve our community.

Three Innovative Features Created in Collaboration with The SilverLogic

Three of our favorite additions to the platform are the Jobs Portal, Learning Portal, and Marketplace Portal. Let's dive into each of these features and see how they make the WELD™ community a more connected and collaborative space.

weld app features

1. Jobs

One of the most exciting features is our Jobs portal. We wanted to create an environment where welders could find job opportunities and where companies can find suitable candidates. Welders can find jobs based on specific criteria, such as location, salary range, and skill level. Meanwhile, employers can utilize the map feature and other attributes to post jobs and search for candidates based on their location. We love this feature and the opportunity to make it easier for welders and potential employers to connect.

2. Learning

The Learning Portal is a space to share knowledge. WELD™ admins create the content - upload educational/instructional videos with the highest quality, and they can share extra material for members of the community to download. It is an open space for questions, discussion, and tips related to welding. The Learning portal includes both free and premium content with access based on the user’s subscription within the app. Free plan users also have the option to execute a one-time purchase of specific premium content within the app. Users can also download resources like images and pdfs with specifications. The comments section allows users to interact with each other and the instructor from the video.

3. Marketplace

The Marketplace Portal is a place where Premium users can interact with ads posted by other members to buy and sell products they have built using various welding techniques. Members can post ads for their items, and other members can contact them to purchase the item or service.

Working with The SilverLogic’s CEO and Founder David Hartmann and the TSL team was a first-rate experience. They were attentive to our needs and worked with us to add features to our platform that add value for our members and provide services and information that are beneficial to our community as a whole. WELD™ was able to get the features we required in a timely manner and is very happy with where the web and app platform is right now. We hope that our partnership with TSL continues and that when the time is right, more exciting features can be added in the future. We’re looking forward to the future and it's great to have a partner like TSL help us get to where we want to go!


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