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From a Buyer's Desk - Who is Thermacut?

You may have heard by listening to our podcast that I have held several roles within the welding industry. I actually started as an administrative assistant, worked my way up to purchasing manager as a nuclear manufacturing facility and then later held roles for over 10+ years in sales, social media management and marketing. During the time when I was in sales, I would also have to purchase a HUGE variety of welding alloys, safety supplies and consumables. I can say that I always had a Thermacut book next to my computer. When anyone would call me looking for plasma parts, their little book was the most helpful resource I had. It had so much detail for every machine and all of the consumables.

You may be asking yourself, who is Thermacut?

Thermacut is based in Claremont, New Hampshire. They have over 100 years combined of industry knowledge just between their 5 sales reps. They manufacture product lines for plasma, plasma welding, MIG, TIG, oxy-fuel and laser equipment. Despite being “aftermarket”, they have a number of patented consumables offered. They have the widest selection and production capabilities making direct replacement Torch and lead packages of any aftermarket companies.

From my personal experience, aside from being here at, I can share that their customer service team is top notch. I had a sales rep, Jesse Minckler, who over the course of my career was always helpful, replied quickly and just went above and beyond to get me what I needed, when I needed it. Thermacut offers free shipping, technical support and most orders can actually ship THE SAME DAY they are placed!

cutting automation

Thermacut is a global organization with 26 different locations throughout the world. From their facility in Claremont, NH, they are able to serve customers with operations in the United States and Canada.

Some of the upcoming products being launched include: EX-Products – EX-trafire Power Supplies (used in conjunction with their EX-TRACKS system), EX-TRABEAM fiber laser heads, and EX-TRAFLAME oxy-fuel cutting torches.


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