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How to Build a BBQ Smoker - Edition!

In preparation for the Labor Day weekend, Paul and Bob decided to construct a BBQ smoker, and it was a fun experience for them. To ensure a successful build, they sought advice from David Dan BBQ, who provided them with valuable insights and recipes during a podcast session a few weeks prior. Bob sourced a decommissioned air compressor tank, while other pieces were gathered from around the shop for the project. Below are the required materials and the delicious recipes shared by David Dan BBQ.

bbq smoker

Materials needed:

- 20 gallon air compressor tank size 30"w x 14"d

- lid size 12"h x 24"w - temperature gauge - removable meat rack Expanded metal 11" x 28" - meat rack frame 1" x 1" x ⅛ angle - smoke stack 3" pipe -fire box 12 gauge diamond plate steel cut to 19"h x 17w x 14"d - fire box door 14"w x 14"h - 2 hinges for fire door - 1 sliding latch for fire door - 2 air valves for clean out - welding chipping hammer head for lid prop and handle for the lid handle - ¼" rod and tubing used for lid hinges and utensil hooks - 2 legs cut at 32" to tank - 2 legs cut at 20" to fire box - 4 casters - storage rack 13" x 25" expanded metal - storage rack frame 1" x 1" x ⅛" angle

Now that you have everything you need, you can watch the video HERE and build your own!

This BBQ smoker was welded with Bob's Lincoln Weld Pac 140.

Not sure if you've had a chance to listen to our podcast, but we were able to get an exclusive promo code for listeners. Their Power MIG 140MP is a boost up from the Weld Pac because it is a multiprocess unit. It's designed for home projects and repair, sheet metal autobody work, farm and small shop welding.

Lincoln Electric
Here are the David Dan BBQ Recipes to try for this weekend or any other time!

Brisket Recipe



  • 1 brisket (buy the best quality you can afford. Prime or better preferably)

  • 16 mesh black pepper

  • mortons kosher salt

  • lawrys seasoned salt

  • post oak

  • Beef tallow

  • Peach butcher paper

  • Meat thermometer


  • Trim brisket to make it oval with no sharp corners. (Consider the smoke as it travels through the chamber) Leave 1/4” of fat on the fat side. (Save trimmings for burgers, sausage, etc)

  • Season brisket with pepper first, then salt, then lawrys. Light to medium coating is all you need. Go heavier on the lawrys if you will be using tallow, lighter on the lawrys if you will not use tallow.

  • Start fire, and don’t place on the smoker until you have a nice coal bed and proper temps (250F-275F)

  • Place brisket on smoker about 3/4 of the way down away from the fire box, and fat side up.

  • Once brisket is on the smoker close the door and don’t look at it for at least 3 hours. Now is the time to watch your fire and temps.

  • Ensure your fire is clean and your temps are not fluctuating more than 10 degrees +/-. If your temps are too hot, open the fire box door till they drop. If the temps are too cool, move the fire box door closer to closed, or add wood. This is the most important step in cooking a brisket. Watch your fire and temps! Repeat, watch your fire and temps constantly!

  • If you must peak make it quick. If the edges are getting crispy or burnt, tear a little foil and wrap the edges of your brisket. If the brisket is pooling liquid on top, just tip it to let off the liquid. That liquid will prevent bark formation in that spot.

  • Keep temps at 250F for 3 hours then 275F for 6 hours, then wrap (brisket should be around 180F internal) and cook wrapped in butcher paper for 2-3 hours at 300F.

  • Check the brisket every 1/2 hour to 1 hour. Check the bottom of the brisket. Flip it over (don’t unwrap) just push on the bottom of the brisket with your thumbs. Brisket will be ready to pull off when the flat and point are both soft like a memory foam pillow. If it’s not soft, keep cooking till it is. Brisket internal temp will usually be around 200F +/- 5-10 degrees.

  • Once your brisket is pulled, open it up, pour a little tallow on top (optional) and wrap it back up in the same butcher paper and now wrap it in foil also. Then rest it in the oven on the lowest setting of your oven for a minimum of 6 hours, preferably longer like 12 hours.

  • Take brisket out of the oven 1-2 hours before ready to eat and let it come down in temp to around 150F internal before slicing.

  • Enjoy!

Sausage Recipe



  • 8lbs pork butt & 2lbs beef

  • 8 poblano peppers

  • 1.25 lbs of Oaxaca cheese

  • I cup milk powder

  • 2 tsp curing/pink salt

  • 0.8 oz phosphate (optional)

  • 2 tablespoons black pepper

  • 2 tablespoons paprika

  • 2 tablespoons granulated garlic

  • 2 tablespoons mustard powder

  • 3 tablespoons of salt

  • Hog casings

  • Meat grinder

  • Sausage stuffer

  • 3 cups of water


  • Mix all seasonings and water to create a slurry.

  • Grind all meat on a course grind (make sure grinder elements are ice cold)

  • Mix slurry, meat, and rest of ingredients by hand. Mix until meat is evenly coated with seasoning, and it’s tacky (meat mixture will stick to hand when mixed enough)

  • Put meat in sausage stuffed

  • Rinse hog casings in cold water. Ensure there is water in the hog casing while putting casing on the horn of the stuffer

  • Fill the casings with mixture so that it’s as tight as possible without tearing. This step will take practice and come with repetition.

  • Twist sausages into desired lengths

  • Use a tack to poke any air bubbles in sausages

  • Let sausages rest overnight in fridge

  • Cold smoke sausages anywhere from 1-4 hours at a temp of 140F.

  • After desired amount of smoke/time, take sausages off and place in ice water. This will help tighten casing and give it a snap.

  • Dry off sausages and place back on smoker and cook at higher temps until internal temp of sausage reaches 155-165F internal.

  • Once internal temp is reached, pull off smoker and rest for 30 min.

  • Enjoy!

We hope you guys enjoyed this episode and will try these recipes! If you have any questions, please reach out to us on our forum and Bob and Paul will be there to help you if you attempt the build! If you have any questions about smoking BBQ, follow and message him! He'll help you out!


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