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Lincoln Electric NEW POWER MIG® 215 MPi™ (Multi Process Inverter)

The Lincoln Electric POWER MIG® 215 MPi™ is one of the newest members of the Lincoln family. At 120V and 230V plug capable, the 215 MPi™ is ready for the weekend warrior or the mobile professional to get to work right out of the box. It even has “no install required” feature for the TIG torch. Wow, talk about a workhorse!

The ArcFX™ Technology feature is a handy feature that shows the penetration profile and bead profile, on screen, giving the user ultimate control over the weld. Being able to see and dial in your arc preferences in seconds is very helpful to many, especially those who are not use to jumping back and forth with metal thickness. The Ready, Set, Weld feature is another feature that easily enables the less experienced welder to have confidence that they have the right settings dialed in, like a pro.

spool feed

Another cool feature of the 215MPi™ is the memory setting. You can save your favorite settings and quickly recall them for those jobs that you frequently return to.

The improved drive roll has a cast aluminum guide that makes for a very smooth spool to gun feed:

The 215 MPi™ makes a great companion for the DIYer and professional looking for a machine that can do a wide variety of tasks. With the new ergonomic handles and weighing in at just 48 pounds or 21 kilos for our non-American welder friends, that makes this machine easy to tote around for those light industrial, mobile jobs.

The POWER MIG® 215 MPi™ is capable of

  • MIG – up to 3/8 inch (10 mm)

  • Flux-Core

  • Stick

  • TIG – DC

pwer mig 215 mpi


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