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Have you heard of BorNiGuard by AllChem?

Time is money, and when it comes to ceramic coating there is only one product on the market that not only saves time and protects tool life but also simultaneously saves money.

Have you heard of BorNiGuard by AllChem? The name alone gives you can idea of its main components but allow us to dig deeper to show you what you have been missing. BorNiGuard by AllChem is an aerosolized ceramic coating that provides extreme temperature protection to extend tool life and reduce machine downtime for significant cost savings. The name comes from its key chemical element, Boron Nitride, which is a synthetic ceramic.

Traditional gels and anti-spatters are designed to be applied often, which results in lost hours applying and additional cost, due to consumption. Since BorNiGuard is a dry coating, occurrences of things like dripping gel back into a MIG liner does not occur.


Businesses of all sizes will love BorNiGuard because it:

*Reduces downtime

*Cuts costs of parts wear significantly

*Easy to apply and dries quickly

*Works on both robotic and manual cutting applications

*More effective than gels and traditional anti-spatters

*Can be applied sparingly to plasma slats, laser cutting tips, fixtures exposed to slag, MIG consumables and oxy fuel tips

As the saying goes, “When you know better, you do better”, and BorNiGuard by AllChem can help small and big business be both efficient and effective.


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