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Man Vs. Machine Plate Beveling

You may have missed our video featuring the Gullco KBM-18 back in December but the results were so impressive that we have to share again!

In this video, Mancub set-up a 3/8" x 10' long plate and aimed for a 30° bevel with an 1/8" landing.

He used the "big boy" grinder - the 7" Milwaukee with a Weiler Tiger Ceramic wheel and went to work. As he was grinding his bevel, he noticed he was removing too much material in spots and going over his soapstone line he had marked. Not only was it labor intensive and inconsistent, but it ended up taking him 46 minutes and 12 seconds to finish!

The Gullco KBM-18 beveler on the other hand, only needed a 1" pre-bevel to get started, tack welds every 35-45" and that thing went to town! As it was cutting, he noticed the removed material wasn't hot and mentioned that would help to not warp the material and create a better scenario for the fitter and welder. The end result was a consistent bevel with no burrs and the finished time? Only 1 MINUTE AND 3 SECONDS!!!

This machine helps to reduce time, cost and is less physical demand on your worker's as well. It can bevel from 22 1/2°-55° and works on 1/4" (6.0 mm) to 1 1/2" (38.1 mm) thick plate. The machine proved that it can produce clean machined bevels with no thermal distortion. You can use this on mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum plate.

To find out more about this and other Gullco products, visit their site here:


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