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MeltTools Welding Camera

The owner, Andrew, grew up in the industry with his dad working on digger buckets, here in the U.S. we know them as excavators. He worked in New Zealand through his childhood and teen years. He went on to get an Engineering degree, worked on research studies and then went on to get a Master's as an International Welding Engineer which is a German qualification. He decided to also get a PhD in welding in the UK. He worked at a University specializing in aerospace and welding titanium which required a lot of research and this is where he was exposed to the need for welding cameras.

At MeltTools, their products enable welders and engineers around the world to improve their productivity, quality and safety of their welding applications.

You can see the clarity of the weld pool in this video we recently aired with Bob and Paul.

Paul was teaching Bob to TIG weld and the camera was very useful as Paul watched and was able to coach Bob about his tungsten, wire and weld pool.

Here, on their site, you can see the details about the MeltView Apex2 camera which is the previous generation prior to the Apex3 that we have in the lab. We will also be shooting with the color version soon and will keep you posted on some footage of that!


  • 90% of welding skill is visually based. Virtual reality trainers can’t teach this critical skill.

  • Instructors can engage students and demonstrate welding to more students, more effectively.

  • Student understanding is greatly enhanced by a magnified image of the weld, both of the instructor’s welds and their own welds.

  • Create video libraries for e-learning resources that attract and aid students.

  • Document student progress and results in a unique way that enables students to advance and enter employment faster.

  • Increase qualification testing success.



  • Our unique torch-mounted camera system can mimic the welder’s viewpoint.

  • Once the camera is mounted to the torch in the desired position, the image stays in focus as long as you weld.

  • The APEX can be mounted to different torches at different angles, or mounted to the welding bench for a fixed area view.


Essentially by being able to visualize welding while it's performed will enable technological breakthrough, ensure the best quality, improve operator performance and pay for itself.

To inquire about a camera for your school or company, please email Nicole at



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